Peggy Salmon

Peggy Salmon was a founder member of our branch, and supportive in so many ways.


She was an accomplished actress, singer, pianist and writer - and deeply involved in the church. As soon as it became possible, she trained and became a priest, serving a group of several churches in the Tavistock/Yelverton area.


Those are the basic facts, but they do not describe Peggy...


She was our dear friend who generously hosted many of our branch socials, baking wonderful cakes - she wrote special theatrical events for us all to perform in one of her churches - she allowed her contact details to be displayed on all branch minutes so that anyone could go to her when they needed help and support.  I have no idea, of course, how many members benefited from that support - it was always totally confidential - but it was Peggy who was at my side in the hospice in St Austell when my husband died - and it was Peggy who came to Tintagel to perform his funeral and visited me regularly to ensure I was coping.


The picture is a portrait of Peggy, painted by my mother, Marietta Everett. All I have is a small photo of the original. I hope that the painting is on display somewhere in the parishes she served with so much love.



Jill Lamede

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