How to Add Your Profile...

Step 2:  Go to "MEMBERS' AREA" and log in (you will need your name and membership number to do this).


Step 3:  Click on "MY DIRECTORY LISTINGS" located on the left of the page.  Then click the button labelled "ADD A NEW PROFILE"


Step 5:  Follow the instructions to fill in the entries and upload pictures/videos, etc.



Step 6:  Send a photo and a few words about who you are and what you do (max 100 words) to the Branch by clicking here...

Once we have confirmed you are a Branch member, your entry, consisting of your photo and description will appear on this website.  When your name is clicked the viewer will be taken straight to your full details on the Equity website, with your CV, extra photos, showreel, etc.

This Members' Profile page provides the opportunity for members of the Devon & Cornwall Branch of Equity to create an online presence that links directly to their main entry in the central Equity Directory of Members.


Here's how it works...


If you do not already have your entry in the central Equity Directory of Members, then perform the following (if you do, then skip to Step 6).


Step 1:  Click here and go to the Equity website.

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